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3 Things You Need To know About Hog Riders In Clash Royale

Hog Riders In Clash Royale

Hog Riders are powerful units, If you have played Clash Of Clans then you might have known about their power, For a glance, They are good wall jumpers. Their favorite target is defense. Check out this article. In this article, We will discuss Hog Riders in Clash Royale.

“Fast melee troop which targets buildings and capable of jumping over the river. He screams and nonstop echoing call of “Hog Riderrrr” all the way through the arena .”

Haha! It was funny quote, The fun of hog riders is revealed on Clash Of Clans official trailer. And he asks Did Somebody called Hog Riders?.Did Somebody said Hog Raiders?.

  • Hog Riders are unlocked in Arena 4 (P.E.K.K.A Playhouse)
  • In Clash Royale, The Hog Riders target the crown towers and can leap over the obstacles such as a river, And he can ensure us victory and crown, Such a powerful unit.
  • It is the only unit in the game, Can jump in the middle arena.

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Hog Riders Strategy In Clash Royale

  • Hog Riders have high amount of damage, They can be mixed with high hitpoints units such as giants and some other troops, Inorder to distract the enemy units and make a way of hog riders directly to the crown towers.
  • Hog Riders are deadly with the combination of freeze spell, When you deploy Hog raiders, They will move towards the enemy crown tower, And the enemy will definitely deploy troops for defense If you put freeze spell it will freeze enemy units as well as the tower. So that Hog can move forward to the tower comfortably.
  • Hog Riders will attack only buildings, He can be distracted by Tombstone or Goblin Huts, He can also help you in destroying those buildings.

Hog Riders Statistics

Hitting Speed Speed Deployed Time Range Target Cost Count Type Colour
1.5 second Fast 1 second Melee Buildings 4 Elixir X1 Rare Card Black Men On a Pig


Level HP(HitPoints) Attack Damage DPS(Damage Per Second)
1 800 160 106
2 880 175 116
3 967 194 129
4 1065 213 140
5 1167 234 154
6 1281 255 171
7 1409 282 188
8 1543 309 206
9 1696 339 22
10 1865 373 249

So friends, That’s all about the today’s topic “Things You Need To know About Hog Riders In Clash Royale”. Check out ClashofDuty blog for more information

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