Clash of Magic Private Servers:

As we talked above in article Clash of Magic comes in four unique servers, all the server strolling CoC mod apk have without a doubt powerful specs. The specification are:

32GB DDR4 2400MHz RAM (four×eight)
ninety nine,ninety nine % Up time
1024 GB SSD
8 Core CPU (four,2 GHz)
1000/1000Mbps Network
DDoS Protection
Clash of magic is better than conflict of lights that is additionally COC non-public server. So, its better to apply clash of magic. Both include one of a kind servers, those server range from each different on the basis in their functionality and alternatives to play recreation. Clash of magic come up with 4 servers, named clash of magic s1, clash of magic s2, clash of magic s3 and conflict of magic s4. You can down load clash of magic any server right here.

Clash of Magic S1 (THE BLACK MAGIC):

The SERVER 1 comes up with all custom mods, limitless assets, and construct your building as a good deal you want.

Clash of Magic S2 (THE HALL OF MAGIC):
SERVER 2 includes all the functions the SERVER 1 has, unlimited golds, elixir, and buy constructing as many you want in just 1 gold.

Clash of Magic S3 (THE POWER OF MAGIC):
SERVER three is one-of-a-kind shape above 2 mentioned servers, the server don’t includes the custom mods however with limitless assets. The customers who don’t like mods servers can play on these servers. The production time on this server is zero.

Clash of Magic S4 (THE POWER OF MAGIC 2):
The foremost distinction among server 3 and server 4 is, the construct fee and and creation time within the server four is everyday. The different capabilities are same as server three, no longer custom mods.

So, pick out the server you want and play for to win the sport.

Alert: Please one this endure to your mind all of the non-public servers of CoC has no connected with the supercell, those all personal servers are dealt with and managed by means of 1/3-birthday party owner, and now not supported, subsidized by means of Supercell.

So, in any trouble at the same time as gambling recreation, the Geeklisto and supercell will no longer be accountable for it. This content is not affiliated with, recommended, backed, or in particular authorised by means of Supercell and they’re not responsible for it.

The article is published here simplest for records and academic purpose, and to test the game functions. So, Geeklisto doesn’t assist any misuse of the Clash of Magic APK down load.

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