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List of Legal and Illegal Housing Schemes in Gwadar by GDA

Gwadar is absolutely the maximum attractive port town of pakistan for real property investments due to a huge numbers of tendencies happening and bulk of foreign investment coming into the town. There is a big wide variety of housing schemes that are promoting plots in gwadar by way of advertising their initiatives through media and other channels. Severa faux schemes have also taken proper gain of the opportunity and looted massive amount of cash from general belongings investors via selling their illegal/fake tasks.

There are government schemes consisting of singhaar housing scheme and new town housing scheme that are secure to make investments,but there is a large quantity of personal developers who are providing their initiatives to wellknown public. The advertisements through such housing schemes are so appealing and misleading that human beings typically do not cross check the facts and fall into the entice.

Gwadar improvement authority (GDA) has posted a listing of housing schemes on their website with their noc repute, so you can test which housing schemes have valid noc and which housing schemes have expired or cancelled nocs which they’re advertising and marketing overtly to sell their tasks.

We’re listing down the element of these housing schemes taken from gda internet site (www.Gda.Gov.Pk) for the gain of trendy public and our readers in order to take a look at the legality of housing schemes presently to be had for funding.

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Serial # Project Name Location NOC # NOC Status
1 Creek City Ankara Janoobi 02/04/H.S GDA NOC restored conditionally
2 New World City Dhore Ghati 01/04/H.S GDA NOC restored conditionally
3 Golden Palm Ankara Janoobi 03/04/H.S GDA NOC Stands Expired
4 GDA Housing Scheme No.5 Dhore Ghatti 05/04/H.S/ GDA NOC restored conditionally
5 Gwadar Royal Garden Moza Shabi 06/04/H.S/GDA(B)
(NOC Suspended)
NOC Stands Expired
6 Green Palms Gwadar Mouzani 07/04/H.S/GDA(B NOC restored conditionally
7 Platinum City Mouzani 08/04/H.S/GDA(B) NOC restored conditionally
8 Globiz Avenue (old West Bay Ankara Janoobi 09/04/H.S /GDA
(NOC Suspended)
NOC Stands Expired
9 Globiz Avenue Phase-II Ankara Janoobi 10/04/H.S/GDA
(NOC Suspended)
NOC Stands Expired
10 White Pearl City Ankara Shumali 11/04/H.S/GDA NOC Stands Expired

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